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We know that figuring out different ways to love our community isn't easy. So we wanted to give you a little inspiration to help as you join us as we LOVE KOKOMO.

Give Gift Cards to Local Teachers
Buy gift cards for business that would best fill the needs of teachers or their families.

Take donuts to first responders
Buy a few dozen donuts and take them to your local fire department or police department.

Hand out goody bags at a local business
Make some goodie bags with candy, snacks and even gift cards and take them to employees at a local business.

Buy a stranger's meal
Find an opportunity to pay for a stranger's meal while out to eat with your family or friends.

Give a basket of essentials to single parents
Fill a basket with essentials such as tooth paste, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, body wash, hand soap and even gift cards for single parent families.

Spend time volunteering with local organizations
Find a local organization that needs volunteers, spend time volunteering and meeting new people.

Leave stacks of change at the laundromat
Leave stacks of quarters on different machines at the laundromat for people to use for their laundry.

Get Coffee for boss, co-workers or teachers
Grab coffee, water bottles or other drinks for your boss or co-workers or your kids teacher(s).